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Events in Ecclesfield Library

If you want to know more about the opportunities to use your experience and skills to move Ecclesfield Library into its next phase, contact Rose or Sue on during library hours, or email enquiries(type the at)ecclesfieldlibrary(type the d0t)co(type the d0t)uk. To see our poster click on Volunteer enquiries
26 June 2017 9:30 - 12:30. Walk, Crafts & Men's Group
An easy-going local walk followed by either a Craft group with Nicola Thorpe, or a Men's group. For the walk, just be outside Ecclesfield Library on the High Street, S35 9UA at 9:30am. (Weather-appropriate clothing and footwear is advised). For the Crafts or Men's group, just knock on the library door at 11:00. See or
26 June 2017 19:00 . Annual General Meeting
To hear more about Library activities, ask questions, and see our report, just come along to Ecclesfield Library on the High Street, S35 9UA for this free event. Refreshments available
*Please note that all under 8s should be accompanied by an adult at all times.