Library Roles



Confident in using computers

Computer helper

Service assistant

Advanced I.T. knowledge & skill

Computer maintenance support

Making places look clean and welcoming

Library space assistant

Good customer service skills

Service assistant

Confident dealing with people

Service assistant

Library promoter

Reading group co-ordinator

New volunteer instructor

Library session supervisor

Organisation and planning skills




Events co-ordinator

Events assistant

Rota co-ordinator

Reading group co-ordinator

Management committee member

Library session supervisor

Marketing and promotion skills




Library Promoter

Volunteer recruitment co-ordinator

Library space assistant

Management committee member

Fundraising skills

Fundraising co-ordinator

Management committee member

Managing accounts

Finance manager

Management Committee member

Story telling skills, experience working with children

Story teller

Good at putting things in order, alphabetical and numerical

Book & materials assistant


Knowledge of managing buildings, security, statutory compliance, health and safety, maintenance

Building manager

Management Committee member

I.T. training skills

Computer trainer

Training skills

New volunteer instructor

Good with children and families


Events assistant

Maintenance and DIY

Library handy person

Experience of working with young people, knowledge of SATS/GCSE curriculum

Homework club leader

Gardening; raising plants for sale

Garden team


Management Committee Member (elected from the wider membership)

The main purpose of this role is to help deliver the library groups business plan � aims and objectives.

Typical tasks may include:

        May have specific duties e.g. treasurer, chair, secretary

        Ensure volunteers are supported in their roles

        Attending management committee meetings to ensure

o   the organization complies with its governing body i.e. charities house

o   the organization is legally compliant

o   the organization fulfills its contractual obligations

o   the development and sustainability of the organization and fulfill its aims and objectives

o   the organization is operating effectively and deals with problems

o   accountable to the wider membership of the organization.


Service Assistant

Main purpose of the role is to help library users with the lending of books, reserving and returning of books, general use of the library, deal with general enquiries and signpost as appropriate.


Typical tasks may include:


                  Issuing, renewing and returning materials from library customers

                  Joining new customers, making changes to existing registrations e.g change

���������� of address.

                  Dealing with enquiries about the services the library offers

                  Signposting library customers to other services or support as appropriate


Library session supervisor

The main purpose of this role is to ensure the library session operates effectively and there is someone in overall control.

Typical tasks may include:

        Checking the rota and that volunteers have arrived.

        Dealing with any complaints, problems or issues that might arise

        Supporting other volunteers as required

        Ensuring health and safety of users and volunteers during the session


Computer Helper

Main purpose of the role is to help library users who have little or no experience of using computers. Their needs range from learning basic computer skills to building their confidence in using email and online services.

Typical tasks may include:

        Dealing with general enquiries about using computers, including printing and saving files.

        Helping people to complete short online courses relevant to their skills and interest.

        Helping people to create an email account

        Ensuring new users are aware of the acceptable use policy (as appropriate)



Book and materials assistant


Main purpose of the role is to ensure the stock is in its correct place, and to locate and retrieve reservations.


Typical tasks may incude:


        Returning stock to shelves in order

        Putting stock on shelves into order

        Finding stock on shelves to send to other libraries when required

        Dealing with van delivery of items ordered by customers

        Helping customers find books they want


Library Events Coordinator

Main purpose of the role is to identify, promote and co-ordinate events in the library to encourage greater usage and generate income (as appropriate).


Typical tasks may include:

        Identifying activities that would be complimentary to the library service (in line with the business plan and in discussion with the management committee)

        Linking with other organisations/delivery partners to source events

        Deal with requests to put on events at the library and library space hire

        Co-ordinate events in the library, including health and safety, and assigning tasks/co-ordinating� library event assistants.


Children�s Storyteller

Main purpose of the role is to encourage use of the library by children and their parents/guardians.� Making the stories told in books interesting and engaging.

Typical tasks may include:

        Reading children�s books in an engaging and interesting way

        Singing rhymes and songs

        Playing music (not essential)


Computer maintenance support

Main purpose of the role is to provide I.T. support enabling the computers and computer systems to operate as well as possible.� (More relevant to library groups who have their own Library Management System and their own computers).

Typical tasks may include:

        installing new IT systems

        helping to solve I.T. problems

        upgrading existing hardware and software

        testing systems to make sure that they are working properly

        servicing printers, scanners and other office equipment


Library Space Assistant


Main purpose of the role is to make the library space welcoming for library users, encouraging use of the library by different groups.


Typical tasks may include:


        Ensuring the library is clean and bright

        Creating Displays

        Ensuring the use of space is safe for users and volunteers

        Identifying ways the use of the library space can engage different users, such as parents, older people, people with disabilities, job seekers etc.



Reading group coordinator

The main purpose of this role is to encourage, develop, support and co-ordinate reading groups.�


Typical tasks may include:

        Promoting reading groups & setting up a reading group (or multiple groups) either mixed or around particular interests or characteristics, e.g. sci-fi reading group everyone welcome, or dads reading group, or reading group for the over 50�s, etc.

        Liaising with SCC LAI to source books

        Co-ordinate activity

        Lead discussions about the topic/book


New volunteer instructor


The main purpose of this role is to induct new volunteers into their role.


Typical tasks may include:


        Providing the new volunteer with the volunteer manual and explaining what it contains.

        A �how this library works� session � tour of the library

        Introducing the new volunteer to other volunteers and making them feel welcome

        Instruction in the particular role (as appropriate).


Events Assistant

The main purpose of this role is to help run events, including promotional events, reading groups, children�s activities, fundraising events both in the library and elsewhere.

Typical tasks may include:

        Helping to promote events, e.g. putting up posters around the community

        Helping to set up � table layout, equipment set up

        Welcoming visitors (getting them to sign in as visitors)

        Helping with refreshments

        Handing out and collecting evaluation sheets


Library Promoter


Main purpose of the role is to advertise and publicize the library and its services and activities encouraging greater use of the library, raising its profile and promoting good news stories.


Typical tasks might include:


Fundraising Co-ordinator


The main purpose of this role is to identify and co-ordinate fundraising efforts.


Typical tasks include:

        Organising fundraising events e.g jumble sales, cake sales, raffles, quiz nights, sponsored events.



Finance manager


The main purpose of this role is to support the treasurer in ensuring the organisations finances are evident and correct.�


Typical tasks include


        Ensuring the financial management systems are functioning correctly and adequately.

        Ensuring that income is correctly accounted for

        Ensuring that expenditure is properly authorized and reconciled

        Entering financial data into the financial management system

        Ensuring accounts are managed correctly, and grant funding is correctly accounted for.

        Ensuring evidence (of targets/outputs/outcomes) for funders is collected.

        Preparing finance reports for the management committee



Homework club leader


Main purpose of this role is to develop and lead homework club sessions.� The role will be subject to the safeguarding policy and procedure.


Typical tasks include:


        Liaising with local schools regarding the curriculum topics and sourcing books and materials which will support this (if possible).

        Promoting homework clubs

        Creating a zone which is conducive to learning

        Helping young people to tackle homework problems




Rota Co-ordinator


Main purpose of the role is to ensure that there are enough volunteers per session for the library to function as advertised.


Typical tasks include


        Co-ordinating a rota of volunteering shifts

        Ensuring the rota is available and up to date for session supervisors

        Ensure volunteers follow the rota rules (i.e. don�t just show up unless this is a feature of their role).

        Keeping details of volunteers to contact and keep informed and reminded about shift patterns.

        Gather feedback and recommend improvements to how volunteers are managed and sessions are scheduled.



Building Manager


Main purpose of the role is to ensure the building is fit for purpose and is health and safety compliant.


Typical tasks may include:


        Regular inspections of the building

        Ensuring the routine maintenance plan is followed

        Ensuring the building is statutory compliant

        Ensuring the building is safe and fit for purpose

        Ensure fire procedures are followed

        Ensuring the health and safety policy is followed

        Obtaining quotations for maintenance work and repairs

        Engaging contractors (as authorized by the management committee)

        Identifying funding opportunities for capital improvements



Library handy person


Main purpose of the role is to undertake general maintenance tasks.


Typical tasks may include:


        General repairs and improvements (with due regard to health and safety), such as replacing light bulbs, fixing shelves, unblocking sinks.


        Moving furniture





Main purpose to coordinate and/or work with a team of people to keep the garden and grounds tended, maintained, tidy, colourful, inviting etc.